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Looking for a simple, dependable way to control and administrate lending and savings products? Then welcome to Phoebus Software Limited.

Phoebus is a tailored loan and savings management system. It gives you a complete package to look after all your lending and savings needs - from initial customer contact, through approvals and servicing, to final redemptions.

In an increasingly fast-moving financial world, Phoebus gives you a flexible and cost-effective solution that’s simple to install and use. A system that will support your current business in depth, while also opening the way to expansion.

With Phoebus Software, configuring the perfect lending or savings system has never been easier.

Rely on:

  • Leading edge specialist solutions
  • Comprehensive
  • Specialist financial sector consultancy
  • Individual solutions for each client
  • Fast, informed response at all levels, at all times

The Phoebus platform is the best in the market – the fact they can build a system to our specific requirements, and the fact they understand both our business and our clients' needs, meant they stood out from the crowd. Their commitment to constantly developing new technology and their expertise in the mortgage market meant they were ideal partners for us. A world-class system underpinned by exceptional support from experts who really understand and add value to our business.

Richard Klemmer, Partner, Pepper

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A growing focus on user experience - By Richard Pike, sales and marketing director, Phoebus Software Ltd There is a growing focus on user experience and Application Interfaces with the ongoing launch of digital propositions in the banking and lending sectors driving this. This is mainly due to the requirements of “millennial” customers. more

Blockchain is the future - By Neil Dyke, Chief Technology Officer, Phoebus Software Limited Blockchain is something that probably 95% of the population is either currently disinterested in or are still trying to understand what it means to their daily lives. Phoebus Software recently invited Dug Campbell, an expert on the subject, to be the keynote speaker at its Talking Tech event. The event, which was oversubscribed, attracted an audience from both technical and financial services backgrounds proving there is interest in understanding more, from different angles. more

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Phoebus Commentary

UK Finance Figures - Richard Pike, sales and marketing director at Phoebus Software, “July is, of course, a traditionally busy month in the property world, and it is encouraging to see even modest growth compared to the same month in 2017. more

UK Finance figures: May 2018 - Phoebus Software sales and marketing director Richard Pike says "Looking at the figures for May it is important to remember that many of the mortgages completed would have been agreed up to three months before. In February, we were being warned by the Bank of England to expect a rate rise sooner rather than later, which gave many people the impetus to ensure a lower rate by remortgaging. more

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