UK Finance Lending in January

27 February 2019

Richard Pike, Phoebus Software sales and marketing director, says “Overall lending in January was 1% down on the same month last year but more starkly it was 9% below the previous six-month average.  We are not very often surprised by the figures these days, and to be honest the picture the figures paint for January is probably more encouraging than we might have hoped.  Unfortunately, there is nothing going on in Westminster or in Europe that is helping to alleviate the situation, and neither will it for some time. 

“However, there is a resilience that shows there are still people that want, and need, to buy and nothing in the political arena will change that.  The next few months will be telling, we could be looking at an even less rosy picture in a couple of months’ time, or we will see that despite uncertainty people carried on regardless.”

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