We offer you a full, business-wide consultancy service, available on a project, business area or comprehensive basis. This applies across our entire area of expertise in the lending and savings sector. With a proven track record, we can help with:

  • New lender and servicing start ups.
  • Adjusting to regulatory issues.
  • More efficient account administration and servicing. Whatever you need, we have the expertise to help you move up to better ways of operating.
  • Additional support, using our network of specialist associates – covering areas including FSA regulation, special servicing, asset management, and portfolio revaluation.
  • Business optimisation, including advising you on operational routes that lead to a more complete fit with the Accord.

Industry leadership and partnership

We work in association with our extended network of specialist associates to develop discussion around the challenges and opportunities we see for our clients. Then, we offer you the results of all this research and analysis, entirely with our compliments.

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