When we give you a new system, we don’t see it as just another installation. It’s the start of a long and highly responsive relationship.


  • From initial commissioning, on through enhancement and expansion, we give you a dedicated support team.
  • We ensure all work is completed with the minimum of disruption, protecting efficiency and staff morale.
  • We offer you full customer account management, along with debt and risk management.
  • When regulations change, we respond rapidly - we keep you informed about changes made to Phoebus, so you stay fully compliant.
  • In-house or managed - you can choose to maintain your Phoebus system either in-house, or as a hosted service.
  • Phoebus products can be purchased or rented.
  • You can outsource any or all of your originations and servicing requirements. This gives you unprecedented flexibility when managing your deposit or loan book.
  • You can choose to take Phoebus back in-house at any point in the future.

Getting the job done

  1. Dedicated, client-centric view. Finding the best solution to your business requirements, and maximising efficiency wherever we can.
  2. Open to new ideas. Finding neater, cost-saving solutions to business problems both old and new.
  3. Straightforward and fast. Offering you reliable and robust solutions, with no fluff.
  4. Unrivalled technical expertise. We know our systems, and every complexity of your present and potential administrative requirements.
  5. Market knowledge. We know your market, and the challenges you are now encountering.
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