The Phoebus Solution was originally designed as a banking platform in 1989. The products offered by the Bank meant that Phoebus is able to originate and service many different types of lending and savings products in multiple currencies. The solution remains compliant in line with all regulatory requirements of banking and lending.


Phoebus is based in Solihull, West Midlands within close proximity to Birmingham International Airport, and with excellent road and rail links to all parts of the UK.

Lansdowne Gate
The Phoebus Headquarters is a state-of-the-art office with interactive meeting rooms, a dedicated training suite and various facilities to promote staff welfare. Lansdowne Gate is home to the majority of Phoebus staff including our project delivery & support teams, Finance and HR, Sales & Marketing and Client Management.

Leadership Team

Phoebus Leadership Team: Adam Oldfield

Adam Oldfield

Chief Revenue Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Dave Jones

Dave Jones

Chief Finance Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Kate Langton

Kate Langton

Chief People Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Lisa Meredith

Lisa Meredith

Chief Customer Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Neil Dyke

Neil Dyke

Chief Technology Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Paul Hunt

Paul Hunt


Phoebus Leadership Team: Richard Pike

Richard Pike

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Warren Higgins

Warren Higgins

Chief Information Officer