With over 30 years’ experience of delivering solutions to the banking and lending sectors, we have domain knowledge that is second to none.

We know that to deliver consistent high quality service, we need a thorough knowledge of the markets in which our clients operate. The Phoebus leadership has vast experience covering all aspects of development and delivery obtained through working with institutions ranging from Tier 1 Banks to start-up lenders.

It’s this grass-roots experience, combined with an unrivalled technical knowledge that enables us to achieve the right outcomes for our clients.

Leadership Team

Phoebus Leadership Team: Adam Oldfield

Adam Oldfield

Managing Director

Phoebus Leadership Team: Dave Jones

Dave Jones

Chief Finance Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Kate Langton

Kate Langton

Chief People Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Lisa Meredith

Lisa Meredith

Chief Customer Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Neil Dyke

Neil Dyke

Chief Technology Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Richard Pike

Richard Pike

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Phoebus Leadership Team: Warren Higgins

Warren Higgins

Chief Information Officer