Adam Oldfield has been promoted to managing director of Phoebus Software, effective from the 1st July 2024, as Paul Hunt becomes vice chair of the board of directors.

Adam joined Phoebus five years ago as ‘head of sales and account management’.  He was then promoted to chief revenue officer, a role he has held for the past 18 months.  Adam has worked in the mortgage industry for over twenty years and has increasingly become instrumental in the growth and direction of Phoebus.

After over ten years as chief executive officer and twenty years within the business, Paul Hunt is now transitioning to become vice chairman of the board. During his tenure, Paul has shaped Phoebus to be the business it is today.  He has also overseen its expansion and growth from a relatively small company twenty years ago to the point where it now has 140 staff and more £110 billion assets under management while it provides the servicing software for more than 25 leading banks, building societies, savings institutions and third-party service providers.

As vice chair of the board, Paul will continue to add value and will remain a key voice on the direction of the company.

Speaking of the changes, Paul Hunt says: “Phoebus is the most fantastic company. We have wonderful people and a great culture. The business and its people care about more than just providing the best service and best product they can, but really believe in giving back to the community while minimising the impact we have on the environment.

“It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of Phoebus for the past twenty years, and I aim to continue to make a positive difference but from a different position on the board. I know I am leaving the position of managing director in very capable hands with Adam at the helm, which makes it easier to make the change.  In the five years he has been in the business, Adam has made a significant and positive difference both to our clients and to Phoebus as a whole. As the next managing director, I know Adam will drive Phoebus forward successfully to even bigger and better things.”

Adam Oldfield, says: “It is my absolute pleasure to take over as managing director of Phoebus. I’d like to thank Paul for the leadership and direction he has provided over the past twenty years. He leaves very big shoes to fill and if I achieve even half of what he has it will be a success.

“Phoebus is an inspirational company to be a part of with some of the best staff in the industry. We have a great vision for taking the company forward and will continue the growth trajectory that Paul has taken us on so far.  Our ambition is to continue to develop and grow and provide the best mortgage and savings servicing software in the UK and across Europe.”