by Richard Pike, Chief sales and marketing officer, Phoebus 

Following several new client wins, assets managed in the UK and Europe on the Phoebus servicing platform have topped the £110 billion mark.

This follows major investment in the Phoebus servicing product and API ecosystem that allow clients to use Phoebus seamlessly alongside any other applications required to service their customers. Products serviced include all major property finance products and deposits and savings.

Commenting on this achievement, Richard Pike, chief sales and marketing officer, said: “The Phoebus solution has a pedigree unlike any other. We have been delivering high automation and financial integrity to specialist lenders, banks and building societies that require lending and savings capabilities for more than 30 years.

“With our ongoing investment programme, today we continue to be a hugely attractive proposition for anyone wishing to service loans or savings. Unrivalled capabilities in mission critical areas of migrations and securitisation, that are highly relevant in today’s market, underpin all of the product’s rich functionality.

“We are finding that more and more institutions continue to de-risk implementations by working with experts like us rather than buying solutions that are unproven and end up needing huge development and take forever to implement.”


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