Phoebus Software dominates 2021 MFG awards

Phoebus Software Limited (PSL) and its clients dominated prestigious annual mortgage awards on Wednesday (18th November), taking home or being highly commended in an impressive 12 out of 31 awards. PSL itself won two awards at the Mortgage Finance Gazette awards and was highly commended for another, while its clients won ten awards between them.

The Solihull-based software company has been recognised in these awards for providing highly automated solutions to the banking and lending sectors in the UK and Europe. In addition, Phoebus’s outstanding dedication to charity and community has been recognised multiple times as this is the fourth time in the last five years as it has won Corporate Social Responsibility award.

This year Phoebus Software won the following awards:

  • Innovation Award for Tech Providers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Non Lender Award

The Innovation Award was in relation to the development of the Phoebus Self Service solution enabling customers to view and manage their own mortgage account, such as making payments, viewing their payment history or mortgage statements and changing their direct debit details. Although this was developed before Covid-19 broke out, PSL added functions during the pandemic to reflect the changing demands in areas such as forbearance, arrears and payment holidays.

The solution helps reduce volumes in lenders’ operational centres at a time when lenders are under pressure and inundated with queries due to COVID. Judges said this made it a true ‘game changer’ and a product which stood out from the crowd.

The company also received “Highly Commended” for Best use of Technology for its Ecosystem strategy encompassing lender partnerships and APIs.

The Corporate Social Responsibility award was given in recognition of PSL’s continued work in charitable areas. PSL has always invested heavily in charity and taken environmental responsibilities very seriously having been a carbon neutral company for over ten years. It supports charities on a local, national and global basis.

This year, PSL took things to another level by pulling together existing charity, environmental and social initiatives. It amended its overall business strategy to ensure that it always had a positive impact on the lives of others, enabled through business processes, engagement with the local Solihull community, employees, clients and suppliers as well as through charity work.

Leading mortgage trade publication, Mortgage Finance Gazette, chose several client users of PSL as winners at last night’s awards ceremony. A further seven awards went to them and two featured highly commended in their categories. Overall, PSL or its clients won nearly 40% of all awards.

Richard Pike, sales and marketing director, says, “This is an amazing testimony to the ongoing efforts we make as a company in what are very challenging times. It is because of the continued efforts of our fantastic team that we are able to both make a real difference both in charitable initiatives and for our clients in the wider mortgage market.”