Financial services software provider Phoebus Software Limited (PSL) has created a Menopause Wellness Policy to help colleagues who are affected by the menopause.

At PSL 30% of colleagues are female, which is high within the financial technology sector, and it is important that everyone is supported if they suffer with any health issues.

By raising awareness within the firm, PSL hopes to encourage women to seek support and openly discuss any concerns or issues. The policy also applies to men whose partners are suffering from the menopause and want help. Anyone with any symptoms, whether directly or indirectly, should feel confident to talk to their line manager or the People Team.

Colleagues will receive support to reduce the difficulties the menopause can cause at work, which could be physical adjustments including temperature control, electric fans or access to rest facilities. Depending on individual and business needs, adjustments such as flexible working, more frequent rest breaks or changes to work allocation may be considered.

PSL can also refer colleagues to an Independent Occupational Health Advisor to seek medical advice and better understand any adjustments that may help alleviate symptoms.

In addition, PSL has an Employee Assistance Program which can provide support for both physical and mental health.

Kate Langton, Chief People Officer of PSL said: “The wellbeing of everyone in PSL is extremely important and as an employer we want to provide the right level of support for each individual. By being open about the menopause, raising awareness and encouraging people to speak about it we hope to remove any stigma attached to it.

“This is a new policy for us and the reaction from colleagues has been very positive. The next step is to provide an awareness session to bring the policy to life.”

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For further information please contact:

Name:                  Jo Atkin, bClear Communications

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Phoebus Software Limited (PSL) was founded in 1989 and became fully independent in 1997. In 2019 PSL went through a MBO funded by Northedge Capital.

The Phoebus solution is a multi-channel, multi-product and multi-currency banking, lending and deposits solution. The solution features market leading functionality encompassing originations, primary and special servicing, general ledger, treasury and securitisation. The solution offers high automation to organisations through an integrated workflow solution.

Today, PSL has over 20 clients in the UK and Ireland and over £80bn in assets are serviced on the Phoebus solution.

For any further information on Phoebus, commentary on the business or its activities please contact: Richard Pike, sales and marketing director on: 07976 561011 or by email at: