As part of its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy, Phoebus Software Limited (PSL) has partnered with Positive Planet to help reduce its environmental impact.

PSL has been a carbon neutral company for more than 12 years but strives to be carbon zero. Positive Planet will work with PSL to calculate its carbon footprint, invest in offsetting and identify a roadmap for carbon emissions reduction.

On behalf of PSL, Positive Planet will plant 20,970 trees in environments which support the wider community, creating shelter, habitats and jobs. Positive Planet also supports the collection of plastics from the oceans which creates jobs and ensures the investment in carbon offsetting is making a practical difference.

PSL’s chief sales and marketing officer Richard Pike said: “We have reduced our carbon emissions to almost zero but where we still have CO² output we offset these emissions through planting trees and removing plastic from the oceans.

“Through the partnership with Positive Planet, we have a roadmap in place to reduce carbon emissions over the next three to five years to enable us to reach our carbon zero target.”

To bolster PSL’s environmental efforts, an internal ‘green team’ has been created with six volunteers from across the business. They will champion positive environmental activities and communicate to the wider business on progress and updates on the plans for carbon zero.

Pike continued: “The green team will raise awareness of practical actions that we can all make in the office and at home to reduce our carbon footprint; and have a positive environmental impact in line with PSL’s ESG strategy.”

Initial activities include giving all colleagues a reusable coffee cup to limit waste and to communicate guidelines re-enforcing the importance of recycling and which products can be recycled.

The green team will provide information on how to check appliances for energy efficiency and how to reduce food waste. For example, encouraging people to use the app ‘Too Good to Go’ which works with businesses who sell food on the use by date for a much lower cost.

Other plans are to review the cleaning products used in the office with the landlord and whether the building can move to renewable energy sources.

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