Richard Pike, chief sales and marketing officer at Phoebus Software: “Once again the figures from HMRC show that the market continues to perform well.  A good sign in the face of everything that is going on both here and across the world.

“This will be a pivotal week economically with interest rates expected to rise by another 0.5%, or even 0.75%, and the mini budget on Friday anticipated to include measures to not only ease the pressure on finances but also to reduce stamp duty.  A move that could guarantee the current momentum continues.

“Given the announcement this morning regarding the energy assistance package for businesses it appears that our new Prime Minister and her cabinet are taking notice and making good on the promises made during the election process.  It is a balancing act of course, and one that will cost the country in the long run, but for now we will take all the help we can get.  It’s going to be an interesting couple of days.”