Products and capabilities

Phoebus is a modular product, designed so you can select exactly the level of functionality you need. This also makes it easier to expand functionality as your business grows – future-proofing your system. In addition, we provide expert development teams to ensure everything can be fine-tuned to your exact requirements.

How it Works – with Workflow

The heart of Phoebus is Workflow. This is an incredibly powerful tool that automates processes and manages exceptions, giving you more time to focus on customer service and provide that all-important personal touch.

Workflow makes it easy for lenders, deposit takers and servicers to provide a consistent, streamlined administration structure within their business. You can achieve all this with reduced administration costs – while delivering outstanding customer service.

Phoebus is a real time system, as all actions have immediate effect. So you can make better-informed decisions, more quickly. Because of its built-in flexibility, Phoebus allows you to react rapidly to changing market needs. It automates so much of your administration, too: creating letters and documents, and integrated with a document imaging system. What’s more, you can access management information through a data mart and report generator that includes regulatory reports.

The Multi-Layered, Global Business Solution

Your Phoebus system gives you everything you need to simplify origination and management, at every stage and at every level. Take a look at the overview below.


Process Automation

Business process automation is integral to the Phoebus solution allowing cases and processes to be managed by exception.

Documents and Letters

Phoebus offers a range of standard documents to allow clients to compliantly administer customer accounts.

MI and Reporting

Phoebus provides all data to create regulatory and operational reporting.

Origination Support

PSL has developed an API to on-board borrower data from any third party originations platform.

API Engine

Phoebus offers a range of compliant APIs to allow clients to create seamless best-in-class ecosystems.

Automated Migration

Phoebus has a dedicated API to allow the on-boarding of assets from a range of 3rd party originations and servicing platforms.

Funding Module

Phoebus offers securitisation, syndication and sub-participation capabilities.

Special Servicing

Special Servicing and Recoveries functionality is available within the Phoebus Solution.


The Phoebus solution can hold different currencies at account level and in principle any decimal based currency supporting a SWIFT code can be configured in the system.


The Phoebus self-service solution provides an opportunity for our clients to deliver a digital self-service capability to customers as a cost efficient service.


The Phoebus platform is a cloud native solution built on AWS cloud services.

Financial Foundation

The Phoebus solution can be implemented with an integrated General Ledger system.

Access Through all User Channels

Depending on your needs, you, your customers and brokers can all access your Phoebus system direct. We can tailor your system to meet your exact requirements.